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Customer focus, quality and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. Not only in terms of our products’ durability, safety and ability to meet a given need, but also when it comes to customer service and overall reliability. From doing what it takes to ensure we deliver on time and as agreed, to providing world-class logistical and support services, adding value throughout the chain


Quality Policy


“Kalindee” strives to remain a trend setter in its operations to timely execute the allotted works in a professional and fail-safe manner, not only as a mandatory requirement, but for overall benefit of the society.


Environmental Policy


“KALINDEE” is committed to protect the environment by minimizing pollution, waste and optimizing fuel and energy consumption. Kalindee will endeavor to use eco-friendly technologies. Kalindee will comply with all the legal requirements for protection of environment.


Safety Policy


“Kalindee” is committed to ensure that no harm is caused to their employees, sub-contractors and public during any operation by following internationally accepted best practices as well as complying the applicable safety legislation and other requirements. Detailed instructions must be issued for guidance of all concerned well in advance ,all site staff properly trained and compliance monitored to ensure effective   implementation. All sub-contractors and associates must be encouraged to adopt similar safety policy as an integral part of business.


Social Policy


“Kalindee” are committed to respect local customs, traditions and maintain secularity and political neutrality. Kalindee will strive to fulfill ethical, legal and public expectations of society.