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Railway Track

Kalindee has created land mark developments in the way track works are now done on Railways and Metro Rail Systems. Track works were mostly departmentally with very slow pace of works with low level of quality. In taking up track works for gauge conversion Kalindee created new speed of construction (achieved an average track linking of 2 Kms per day) and with high quality permitted a trial speed of 130kmph from the day one).

Kalindee successfully executed  for the first time in India Ballastless Rail track for under ground tunnels and elevated tracks with excellent quality of construction. Track construction on turnkey basis was also successfully introduced by Kalindee providing great convenience for Industrial units wanting their own dedicated Railway facilities.

The scope of track work includes

a)   Survey and laying of alignment

b)   Formation with full compaction

c)   Initial ballasting

d)   Welding of rails

e)   Pre fabrication of track panels

f)    Mechanized laying of ballasted track

g)   Mechanized ballasting and packing

h)   High speed turnouts on main line

i)     Points and crossings in yards

j)    Alignment and testing

In case of Ballastless track the track the scope also includes:

a)   Survey and marking of track alignment with Total Station

b)   Flash Welding and transport of rails in tunnels/ on elevated structure

c)   Laying of track with rails and fittings supported and secured in position by specially designed fixtures.

d)   Concreting of the bases in-situ with PMC pumped to site.

e)   Laying of point and crossings with special fixtures and concreting in-situ with PMC.

f)    Frequent checking of the track and fixtures with accurate Total Station Equipment to ensure track accuracy.


Kalindee has developed reliable and proven sources of Supply of track materials including rails, sleepers, fittings, point and crossings, expansion joints, ballast, ready mixed concrete, etc. Strict quality control is exercised by holding test and inspection at manufactures premises before shipment to site. Complete documentation is provided to Customers for their satisfaction